The Port of Prince Rupert offers shippers an unparalleled mix of speed, reliability, and reach for connecting Asian and North American markets.

Commonly referred to in the marine industry as ‘The Rupert Advantage’, especially as it relates to our intermodal capabilities, the Port of Prince Rupert stands out in a crowd.


Proximity to Asia

 The Port has the shortest and fastest trade route of the transpacific to Asia. Being 500 nautical miles closer than other Pacific Northwest ports, it saves up to 60 hours of sailing time. 

Deepest Harbour

 The Port of Prince Rupert is the deepest natural harbour in North America, making it ice-free year-round, to mitigate risk and accommodate the largest vessels in the shipping trade. 

Safe Access to Shipping Lanes

 Short and direct access to Pacific shipping lanes means safer and faster pilot times and ample room for anchorages. With our deep, wide, and protected approaches, our pilot time is 2 to 6 hours less than any other major Northwest port. 

Rail Connectivity

 The Port of Prince Rupert is connected to North America’s markets with CN’s expansive rail network. With CN offering speed, capacity and flat rail grade, the Port is connected to resource-rich communities, innovative manufacturing regions, and top-tier distribution centres in Canada and the US. 

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Proximity to Asia
Infographic showing the sailing time from Prince Rupert Port to Central Asia
Safe Access to Shipping Lanes
Deepest Natural Harbour in North America
Rail Reach Across North America
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North America’s Gateway for Trade

With Prince Rupert, it’s easy to make the grade.

 The Port of Prince Rupert is directly connected to CN’s extensive continental rail network through a single, direct line. CN’s northern mainline provides ample capacity, high speed, and the gentlest rail grade through the Rocky Mountains, facilitating efficient transport to and from resource-rich areas, advanced manufacturing zones, and leading distribution centers in both Canada and the US. 

In combination with our lack of urban congestion, Prince Rupert allows for high-speed performance while maintaining its environmental conscience core. 

Average rail travel time to Midwest Hubs from West Coast ports (days)
From Prince RupertFrom SeattleFrom Los Angeles
To Chicago4.155
To Toronto4.566
To Memphis575

Economic Impact

The Port of Prince Rupert and the Prince Rupert Gateway make Northern BC work. With the creation of 3700 direct jobs, generating more than $360 million in annual wages for families, and $147 million in government revenue, the Port is a critical economic engine for western Canada. $60 billion worth of cargo is handled at the Port each year, supporting intermodal supply chains, global food security, and Canada’s growing energy export economy. Learn more about our Economic Impact here.

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