Fairview Container Terminal

Pioneering Intermodal Terminal

The anchor to the most reliable container trade corridor on the West Coast. Prince Rupert offers shippers an unparalleled mix of speed, reliability, and reach for connecting Asian and North American markets. We were the continent’s first dedicated ship-to-rail container terminal, and we continue to lead the way in supply chain innovation for our customers.

Fairview Container Terminal is a dedicated intermodal facility, purpose-built to provide a high-velocity gateway for transpacific container trade. Operated by DP World, the terminal provides shippers with a significant advantage over alternative gateways.

The terminal features two marine berths capable of accommodating the largest container ships with direct and unimpeded access from international shipping lanes. On-dock rail adjacent to the berth provides efficient intermodal operations in building trains of up to 12,000 feet.

Integrated scheduling and real-time communications between the shipping line, DP World, and CN Rail result in unparalleled terminal velocity and seamless transfer of containers between vessel and train. Served by CN Rail’s North American network, the Port of Prince Rupert has fast and efficient connections to central Canada and the Midwestern United States, saving shippers time and money.


We encourage shippers to connect with our network of carriers to discuss the benefits of utilizing Prince Rupert.

Ocean Alliance

2M Alliance

T.H.E. Alliance

Terminal Performance & Dwell Updates

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Capacity & Performance


1,600,000 TEUs


36 hectare (89 acres)


4 vessel calls/week
Berth Length (Container Quay): 800 m (2624 ft)
Berth depth: 17.0 m (55.8 ft) at low tide
21,000+ TEU Vessels (Handling capacity)


4 Super Post Panamax Cranes (22 container wide)
4 Malaccamax Cranes (25 container wide)
1,800-tonne cranes


7 working tracks (5,500 m/18,000 ft)
6 storage tracks (6,100 m/20,000 ft)
On-Dock Intermodal Focus (IPI)
6 Rubber Tired Gantry cranes (RTGs)
240 reefer plugs (2x 5 High Racks)
Minimal Truck Gate Activity
Trains Built by Destination


4 Radiation Scanning Portals
On-site VACIS screening

Terminal operations

  • Velocity & fluidity
  • Simplicity
  • On-dock intermodal focus (IPI)
  • Collaboration and cooperation of partners
  • Marine-Rail Interface
  • Trains built on terminal
  • Scheduled rail service
  • Terminal flow
  • Minimal truck operation
  • Scheduled coordination of trucking
    with terminal (pick up / drop off)
  • DP World train crews
  • High terminal productivity

Weekly carrier service

  • Ocean Alliance – CPNW – first North American port of call from Shanghai
  • Ocean Alliance – CEN – first North American port of call from Shanghai
  • 2M Alliance – TP1 – first North American port of call from Yokohama
  • T.H.E Alliance – PN4 – first North American port of call from Busan

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