Westview Wood Pellet Terminal

Supplying biofuel energy stores to international markets.

Now owned and operated by Drax Group, Westview Wood Pellet Terminal opened in January 2014 as the first purpose-built wood pellet export facility in North America. The facility has an annual capacity to ship 1.25 million tonnes of wood pellets to world markets for use in power generation.

The Westview Wood Pellet Terminal is a wood pellet receiving, storage and shipping facility, located on the West Coast of Kaien Island. It receives wood pellets from rail cars, stores pellets in metal silos, and loads wood pellets into bulk cargo ships bound for overseas markets in Western Europe and Asia. Specifically designed with soft handling technologies to reduce pellet breakage, the terminal also features best available technology for dust suppression.

Wood pellets are made from waste wood material such as logging waste and sawmill residue. The pellets are produced by compressing the waste wood material under high temperatures. The lignin in the wood forms a natural glue that holds the pellets together as it cools. The world market for wood pellet fuels is rapidly growing as a result of demand for renewable biomass fuels to replace fossil fuels in power boilers and space heating.

Capacity & Performance


1.25 million tonnes


Storage Capacity: 50 thousand tonnes
Rail Unloading Rate: 6,000 tonnes/hour
Ship Loading Rate: 2,000 tonnes/hour
Single berth depth: 12.5 m (low tide)
Ship size limit: 75,000 DWT (Panamax)

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