Community Investment

Strong Communities Sustain Us

The Prince Rupert Port Authority understands building a strong community means contributing to the health, vitality, and prosperity of our region. To that end, the PRPA has been investing in the local and surrounding communities for several years through various programs.

If you are interested in hearing more about any of our Community Investment programs below and how to apply, please contact a member of our Community Relations team by email or by phone 250 627 8899.

Funds invested in the community

$18.9 million

Number of supported projects


Number of active partner relationships


Community Investment Fund

The Community Investment Fund is financed by a share of the Port’s annual net income that is dedicated to improving the quality of life for residents of the north coast. By investing these funds into community projects, led mostly by dedicated local volunteers, the Port has been able to share its financial success with the communities that enable it.

Skeena River Salmon Enhancement Program

The Prince Rupert Port Authority has established a Skeena River Salmon Enhancement program to partner with local organizations by providing financial support for projects that increase salmon stock productivity and the maintenance and rehabilitation of critical habitat in the Skeena River Watershed.

Voyage to Excellence

The Voyage to Excellence program gives youth that make it to the top of their field the ability to experience higher levels of competition and reward their long hours of dedication and talent development.

Rising Tide

The Rising Tide program encourages every young person’s curiosity for trying new things and building confidence through achievement and success.

Ride Smart

The Ride Smart program ensures everyone has access to a safe ride home after community events. PRPA is proud to partner with local clubs at their fundraising events to offer safe transportation home to those in attendance.

Academic Support

The Prince Rupert Port Authority awards annual scholarships and bursaries to high school graduates looking to obtain a trade, technology or business career.