Sector Overview: 

The Port of Prince Rupert provides ready access for Western Canada’s natural resource producers and exporters. CN’s network in BC and the Prairies provides single line access from mines and fields and forests to the Port. The shortest Pacific route to Asia offers a shorter sailing time to strategic markets, and reduced vessel charter costs for shippers. While primary destinations for bulk cargo are China, Japan, and Korea, other common destinations include Southeast Asia, the Americas, North Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.


Product/Terminal: Wood Pellets @ Drax 

The Westview Wood Pellet Terminal is the first purpose-built wood pellet export facility in North America. The facility has an annual capacity to ship 1.25 million tonnes of wood pellets to world markets for use in power generation. 


Wood pellets are made from waste wood material such as logging waste and sawmill residue. The pellets are produced by compressing the waste wood material under high temperatures. The lignin in the wood forms a natural glue that holds the pellets together as it cools. The world market for wood pellet fuels is rapidly growing as a result of demand for renewable biomass fuels to replace fossil fuels in power boilers and space heating. 

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Product/Terminal: Lumber/Logs? @ Fairview

Every container stuffed with lumber and each bulk shipment of wood pellets that is exported through the Port of Prince Rupert represents the demanding work and commitment of B.C.’s natural resource and gateway services industries.