Zero and Low-Emission Trucks to be Tested at Port of Prince Rupert through B.C.’s Integrated Marketplace

EFFECTIVE June 10, 2024

PRINCE RUPERT, BRITISH COLUMBIA – Through an Integrated Marketplace project led by Innovate BC, new zero and low-emission heavy-duty (HDZEV) trucks will be added to operations at the Port of Prince Rupert to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support sustainability in the province’s transportation sector.

The HDZEV project will see four new trucks – two hydrogen powered, one battery electric and one hydrogen-diesel co-combustion – utilized on existing operational routes. These operations will provide data to better understand the range, reliability and potential best use case for the vehicles.

Innovate BC is delivering the project through the Integrated Marketplace, which works to bolster innovation in the province by linking strategic buyers representing some of British Columbia’s largest economic drivers to B.C.-based solution providers to implement, scale up, and ultimately export B.C. technology solutions. Prince Rupert Port Authority (PRPA), which oversees the Port of Prince Rupert, is serving as the testbed partner for the project.

“The Integrated Marketplace acts as a platform for partners like Prince Rupert Port Authority, which are key contributors to British Columbia’s economic growth, to de-risk the adoption of new technologies while supporting the decarbonization and innovation goals of their organizations and the province,” said Peter Cowan, President and CEO of Innovate BC. “We are proud to lead this project and look forward to seeing its outcomes and generated data inform the greater adoption of zero emission vehicles across more industrial sectors here in B.C.”

In addition to the $2.45 million contributed to this project by the Government of British Columbia, the Government of Canada has provided $3 million and PRPA has contributed $500,000 to bring the project to fruition. The funding will be used to procure the zero- and low-emission vehicles and to fund the necessary fuelling, charging and maintenance infrastructure, including electric vehicle chargers and local green hydrogen production.

“This partnership between governments, industry and B.C. businesses will help accelerate the Port of Prince Rupert’s continued progress toward decarbonizing port operations and to enable greater competitiveness and sustainability for Canadian supply chains,” said Shaun Stevenson, President & CEO of the Prince Rupert Port Authority. “The utilization of zero and low-emission vehicles is a key component of the Prince Rupert Port Authority’s strategy for reducing port-related carbon emissions by a further 30 percent by 2030 and reaching carbon neutrality by 2050.”

Other project partners include Velocity Truck Centres, which will support the purchase and maintenance of the hydrogen fuel cell, hydrogen-diesel co-combustion and battery-electric class eight heavy-duty trucks. The trucks will be operated by Gat Leedm Logistics and powered in part by Delta-based Hydra Energy, who will generate hydrogen fuel for the participating trucks. NuPort Robotics will install hardware, lead data collection and reporting to support performance metrics, data acquisition, and analytics for the project.

Vehicle testing will provide important information about their performance, technical capability and operational feasibility. The project will run to the end of 2026.

The Integrated Marketplace operates through partnerships with major testbed sites, which currently include the Port of Prince Rupert, Vancouver International Airport (YVR), and the Port of Vancouver. The launch of the HDZEV project at the Port of Prince Rupert follows the announcement of Moment Energy’s battery energy storage system (BESS) Integrated Marketplace project at YVR which will provide high speed charging capacity for fleet vehicles. Together, these projects are working to enhance operations at partnering testbeds and accelerate decarbonization within the province.

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The Honourable Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Transport, Canada 

“Encouraging the use of zero emission vehicles is a critical step towards a cleaner transportation system. By investing in initiatives like this, we are not only reducing greenhouse gas emissions but also setting a precedent for sustainable commercial transportation nationwide. Through initiatives like the Zero-Emission Trucking Program, we’re actively tackling pollution and building a stronger economy that benefits every Canadian.”

Rob Fleming, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure

“The focus of this pilot – lowering transportation costs through the use of zero and low emission vehicles- can be a competitive advantage for B.C. industries. It’s another element to make our supply chain more efficient and resilient, core features of our Goods Movement Action Plan”.

Brenda Bailey, Minister of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation

“Through the Integrated Marketplace we are bringing local companies together to share innovative technologies to solve real challenges other businesses are facing,” said Brenda Bailey, Minister of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation, “These new zero and low emission vehicles will be coming to the Port of Prince Rupert to support the goal of our Industrial Blueprint to seize new opportunities in growing clean energy and sustainable industries across B.C. creating a more resilient and clean economy.”

Jennifer Rice, MLA for North Coast

“It’s incredible to see test beds from the Integrated Marketplace in rural communities like Prince Rupert creating important solutions for industry. Data gathered from the project involving Velocity Truck Centre, Gat Leedm Logistics and the Prince Rupert Port Authority will help other B.C. companies learn about zero emission vehicle adoption, creating an easier pathway for interested businesses to transition.”

Rod Graham, President, Velocity Truck Centres Canada

“Velocity Truck Centres is very proud to be a part of this monumental Port of Prince Rupert greenhouse gas reduction initiative. We are excited to be helping support and maintain new clean transportation technologies that will drive sustainability in the provincial transportation sector in British Columbia. We are especially pleased to be working with our Indigenous partners at Gat Leedm Logisitics. Their history and stewardship of the port lands and surrounding territory is very important to the core values for our firm.”

Raghavender Sahdev, President and CEO, NuPort Robotics

“NuPort is thrilled to play a role in this project demonstrating the benefits of commercial zero-emissions vehicles. Supporting such innovative projects aligns with our vision for the efficient, safe and sustainable movement of goods and services, fostering a greater adoption by key transportation stakeholders.”


Michael Gleboff
Innovate BC
Communications + Community Manager

Olivia Mowatt
Prince Rupert Port Authority
Senior Communications Officer

Group shot of team members who brought the first HDZEV truck to the Port of Prince Rupert
Gat Leedm Electric Truck in front of Fairview Terminal in Prince Rupert

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