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People Drive Our Momentum as an Organization

The Prince Rupert Port Authority offers a wide variety of career opportunities.  We offer a challenging and rewarding work, we are committed to professional growth and development.  We encourage workforce diversity and want our workforce to reflect our community.

Our Core Values

Professionalism. We will be guided by the highest level of honesty and integrity in everything we do and will always demonstrate fair, open, honest and ethical business practices. We will treat our people, customers and stakeholders with respect. Our people and our conduct will become a measurement of high standards of professional integrity.

Progressive Leadership. We will promote a proactive and creative environment that supports a work culture of collaboration and teamwork, and develop leaders who enthusiastically embrace achievement and innovation. We will encourage the continuous learning, training and development of our people. We will always try to do better.

Commercial Stewardship. We will manage our business and activities in a commercial manner and ensure that competitive and compensatory financial returns provide for a long, healthy and prosperous future for the organization. We will commit and be accountable to effective business planning and reward our people for achieving success.

Community Leadership. We recognize that it is a privilege to share the marine and land assets of the Port of Prince Rupert with the community and the people in its region and that we have a responsibility to the community to communicate openly with its residents; participate in and support its development; ensure that our actions protect its environment and culture; and invest through our time.

Innovation. Through our people and our development strategy, we will challenge the status quo of the transportation sector and become recognized leaders in the industry, being responsive to the changing needs of shippers and bringing value to our partners and stakeholders.

Current Career Opportunities