Environmental Leadership

Environmental Leadership at PRPA means a commitment to accurate and transparent engagement, the well-being of the community in which we live and work, and ensuring that growth is sustainable through collaboration.

Port Leadership

PRPA and Port industry partners work together to ensure sustainable growth at the Port of Prince Rupert though a number of initiatives like its active Sustainability Committee, industry participation in the Green Marine program, and recognition of sustainable operators through PRPA’s Green Wave recognition program.

We at PRPA are proud of our third-party certification achievements. For example, PRPA became the first West Coast port in North America to join the Green Marine environmental program in 2010. For more information on PRPA’s participation in Green Marine, visit here.

PRPA also encourages others to invest in sustainable practices through our Green Wave initiative. For more information on PRPA’s Green Wave program for shippers, visit here.

Transparent Engagement

PRPA is committed to providing accurate and transparent reporting of operations to allow appropriate community feedback. The following environmental reporting is available for the Port of Prince Rupert:

  • Noise – to view live noise readings at four available stations, click here.
  • Air Emissions – to understand more about air quality at the Port of Prince Rupert, visit here. To view readings from the air monitoring station at Fairview Terminal, click here.
  • Tidal – for a view of current tide levels and DFO tidal predictions, visit here.
  • Water Quality – to understand more about water quality at the Port of Prince Rupert, visit here. To view real-time readings from two harbour locations, visit here.

To view all live harbour data available for the Port of Prince Rupert, visit the dashboard here.

Commitment to Community

A healthy Skeena River is vital to the entire northwest region, which is why PRPA has established the Skeena River Salmon Enhancement Program. The PRPA program offers to partner with local organizations by providing financial support for projects that increase salmon stock productivity and the maintenance and rehabilitation of critical habitat in the Skeena River Watershed. For more information on the Skeena River Salmon Enhancement Program, visit here.

To see a full overview of PRPA’s environmental, social, and governance initiatives, download the latest Sustainability Report here.

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