Eel Grass

What is Eelgrass: Eelgrass is a common species of seagrass that can form expansive, underwater meadows, also known as eelgrass beds. These eelgrass beds are considered important ecosystem engineers, creating complex 3D structure with their leaves that benefit marine species and coastal ecosystems as a whole.

Eelgrass is great for boosting soil health because it is so full of nutrients! It plays a very important role in taking carbon dioxide out of the seawater, which makes it very helpful at preventing the acidification of the water (which threatens the survival of shellfish and plankton at the bottom of the food chain).

How to identify Eelgrass: Eelgrass is a perennial seagrass species. Its branching, flattened stems grow to 2.5 m long, and bear alternating dull green blades. These blades grow to 1.2 m long and 12 mm wide, have rounded tips, and are marked by 3-7 longitudinal veins. Eelgrass may be submerged or partially floating in water.