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Our digital Annual Report is online and jam-packed with info about one of Canada's largest ports!

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"We're pleased to contribute $250,000 towards Port Edward's train whistle reduction plan and maintain community quality of life" Krusel

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"Port Edward has a front row seat to the growth in port traffic, which includes the trains that travel to and from our terminals" Krusel

Today in the Harbour

Arrivals & Departures
ZHONG YUAN QING DAO Departed 26/1700 from Fairview Container
SUN EXCELSIOR Estimated to arrive 27/1300; Arrives to Ridley Terminal
KEN KON Estimated to arrive 28/1100; Arrives to Anchorage 09
HANJIN MAR Estimated to arrive 28/1300; Arrives to Fairview Container
NORTHERN ADVENTURE Estimated to arrive 29/1915; Arrives to Anchorage 06