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In the News

Jan 10, 2018

Port of Prince Rupert Ships Record Volumes in 2017

Cargo moving through the port rose to a record volume of 24.1 million tonnes in 2017, including 26% growth in container traffic.

In the News
In the News

Nov 28, 2017

An Engine of Growth Across Northern British Columbia

The Port of Prince Rupert generated more than $1 billion in economic output for Northern British Columbia's economy last year.

In the News
In the News

Jan 11, 2018

Striking a Balance: Work Life at the Port of Prince Rupert

Join our staff as they walk through the benefits of a career with the Port of Prince Rupert.

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Today in the Harbour

Arrivals & Departures
MAERSK KURE Departed 01/19/2018 1417 from Fairview Container
SAKIZAYA WISDOM Departed 01/19/2018 2059 from Anchorage 07
ARIS T Arrived 01/20/2018 0225 at Anchorage 16
TR INFINITY Arrived 01/20/2018 0848 at Inbound to Ridley Terminal
CSCL AUTUMN Arrived 01/20/2018 1139 at Inbound to Fairview Container