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New @CoscoCCLA CMEX service extends the reach of #PrinceRupert to South Asia and Middle East

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Watch AltaGas Pres. D. Harris speak w/ @BNN about proposed Ridley Island Propane Export Terminal in #PrinceRupert:

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RT @shipCN: Through @portmetrovan @RupertPort, CN moves imports quickly, with lower dwell times than other WC ports

Today in the Harbour

Arrivals & Departures
UNTA Arrived 25/0731 at Anchorage 25
PENEY Arrived 25/1545 at Ridley Terminal
MAERSK SARNIA Estimated to arrive 26/1500; Arrives to Fairview Container
XIN LOS ANGELES Estimated to arrive 27/0400; Arrives to Fairview Container
AMIS DOLPHIN Estimated to arrive 28/1200; Arrives to Anchorage 03