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Green Wave

Rewarding sustainable shipping practices

In an effort to encourage shippers to invest in sustainable practices, the Prince Rupert Port Authority launched the Green Wave environmental incentive program for vessels.

Introduced in 2013, the program offers discounted harbour dues to commercial vessels that implement emission reduction measures or other environmental practices. Through Green Wave, PRPA is providing even greater opportunities for shipping companies to reap the benefits of their outstanding environmental performance. The program includes a variety of qualification standards for arriving commercial vessels consistent across the global shipping industry, allowing PRPA to help accelerate a worldwide movement toward greater efficiency and sustainability.

Green Wave incorporates a number of mechanisms for incentives, which include Environmental Ship Index, Green Marine, RightShip, Clean Cargo Working Group, Green Award, Clean Shipping Index, and Energy Efficiency Design Index, as well as multiple underwater noise notations and reduction technologies. Using a three-tier criteria system, vessels are scored for their level of achievement in one of the recognized environmental programs or technological advancement, and awarded a discount on their harbour dues paid to PRPA.

"It is great to see PRPA joining the pioneering charterers who are using the A to G rating to enhance their commercial operations," said Jose Maria Figueres, President of Carbon War Room. "As important demand-side stakeholders, ports have a key role to play in encouraging the greater use of efficiency rating systems and in rewarding shipowners who invest to make their fleets more efficient."

Download the detailed program overview (below), or click here to complete the Green Wave application form.

Download Program Overview The detailed program overview details qualifying criteria and incentives. Download PDF Overview