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Green Marine

A North American network of port partners

PRPA became the first west coast port to join the Green Marine environmental program in 2010. Green Marine is a joint Canada-US initiative aimed at advancing environmental excellence in the marine industry, throughout North America.

The certification program emphasizes voluntary improvement of environmental performance in key areas identified by the marine industry and several stakeholders, including:

  • Environmental leadership 
  • Water and land pollution prevention (such as cargo residues and oily waters)
  • Greenhouse gases and air pollutants (specifically sulphur oxides (SOx), Nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM))
  • Community impacts (such as noise, light, dust, and odours)
  • Aquatic invasive species                                                                                                                                                 

The Green Marine environmental program provides a five-level framework for members to improve environmental performance beyond regulatory compliance. Participants evaluate their performance against guidelines and criteria provided by Green Marine; the results are published annually and verified by an independent third party. 

PRPA’s participation in the Green Marine environmental program has supported the achievement of its strategic environmental sustainability goals, and guided the development of many of its environmental initiatives. Many of the Port of Prince Rupert’s marine terminals and service providers are also members in the program, creating a unified network of industry partners with a shared vision for sustainable practices. PRPA is also a member of the Green Marine West Coast Advisory Committee that brings together industry, academics, regulators and environmental organizations to provide direction and feedback to the program.