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Economic Impact

The Port of Prince Rupert Makes Northern BC Work

The Port of Prince Rupert is sustaining its strong growth as a key North American gateway and this is having a positive impact on communities across northern British Columbia.

The results of the Port’s 2014 economic impact study are impressive and demonstrate the continued maturing of the port.

The study found that transportation of port-related exports and imports generates $1.2 billion in annual economic activity and is creating new, well-paying job opportunities for skilled workers across northern B.C.

Employment since 2009 has more than doubled, with the Port of Prince Rupert now responsible for 3,320 full-time jobs. Add indirect and induced employment to the mix and the port is responsible for nearly 6,200 jobs, of which 43 per cent are located outside of Prince Rupert.

This combined workforce generates more than $350 million in wages for families in a number of northern communities, an increase of about 133 per cent since 2009. In addition, the average annual wage has risen to $64,000 from $54,000 over that period.

It’s not just working men and women and their families who are benefitting from this growth.  Annual tax contributions to all levels of government from the companies and workers that keep the port moving now exceed $80 million annually.

This includes over $6 million in 2014 to local municipalities in the Prince Rupert area through payments in lieu of taxes from PRPA, property taxes from terminals and PRPA tenants, and the Port Competitiveness Transfer from the provincial government to local governments.

Download Economic Impact Study The Port Authority's latest Economic Impact Study documents economic growth and the value of the port's trade. Download PDF
Economic Impact Forecast The Port of Prince Rupert’s Economic Impact of Capital Expansion Plans forecasts potential economic benefits from current and proposed projects which are part of the port’s development plan. Download PDF